Crieff Archery Club

We are a target archery club based in Crieff, Scotland and shoot using Braidhaugh Rugby Club during April to September and Crieff Community Campus from September.

Currently our members shoot either recurve or barebow but could use any bow that conforms to GNAS (Grand National Archery Society) rules. Several members have now obtained compound bows so we will see more of these on the shooting line in future.

We do not allow all carbon arrows to be used at our outdoor field.

Strathearn is not as widely known for archery as Sherwood Forest but one of the first battles where dismounted men-at-arms flanked by archers were used was Dupplin Moor. There is more about the battle in the Wikipedia entry. The last set-piece battle with archers was Tippermuir, now Tibbermore. Montrose's speech for Tippermuir is worth a read.